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City Council

The Yamhill City Council meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm.

The Yamhill City Council members are elected city officials and serve as unpaid volunteers for the City.

Yamhill City Council consists of 4 Council members and 1 Mayor.

The current Council is:

  • Mayor Paula Terp
  • Council President Kay Echauri
  • Councilor Jay Disbrow
  • Councilor Jo Weinstein
  • Councilor Rita Gilmore

Next Meeting Agenda

4-9-2014 Council Meeting

Council Chambers – 155 E 1st Street
Wednesday,    April 9, 2014
7:00 P.M.


1. CALL TO ORDER: Roll Call

2. PUBLIC COMMENT: (This time is provided for persons in the audience on ANY item of City business, except those items which appear on this agenda or refer to land use requests. However, the Council reserves the right to defer any request for action from any persons addressing the Council who have not been placed on the agenda.  Please fill out a card on the front table and return it to the City Recorder.  Comments shall be limited to two to five minutes, at the Mayor's discretion.)



A.   Consider adopting Ordinance No. O-502 an ordinance imposing a Moratorium on the operation of registered Medical Marijuana Facilities within the City of Yamhill and Declaring an Emergency.  (Charter Chapter IV, Section 16, adopting an ordinance at a single meeting.) 

A.       None Scheduled

6.       NEW BUSINESS:
A. Consider Lavender Festival request for use of Beulah park and fees waved for July 10th through July 13th, 2014 and to allow alcohol upon receipt of serving vendors certificate  of insurance naming the City of Yamhill as insured.
B.      Consider Yamhill Lavender Festival, 2014-2015 funding request.
C.      Consider Homeward Bound Pets 2014-2015 funding request, Dawn Witt.
D.      Consider approval for City Staff to apply for a $7,000.00 grant from CIPD.  
(Citizens Institute on Rural Design)
E.      Consider request from Tom Waterhouse for outside water service located at 800 E. Buttercup Street, Yamhill.
F.      Consider request from Robert Oleson for outside water service located at 850 E. Buttercup Street, Yamhill.
G.      Consider request from Gary Neal for outside water service located at 790 Buttercup Street, Yamhill.
H.      Consider request from Tom Duffee for outside water service located at 770 E.Buttercup Street, Yamhill.
I.      Consider request from James van Grunsven for outside water service located at 780 E. Buttercup Street, Yamhill.
J.      Consider Direct Responsible charge (DRC) coverage pay for Public Works
K.      Consider what days the American Flags in town should be displayed. A list from the American Legion is included.
I.       Consider Public Works removing bio swales Valley Road and replacing with drain rock.  Residents visibility driving out from Roland Creek                                                               onto Moore's Valley Road is restricted.

7. CONSENT AGENDA:  (The items on the Consent Agenda are normally considered in a single motion. Any item may be removed for separate consideration upon request by any member of the Council.)
A. Approve Council Minutes
(1) Regular Session –  March 12, 2014
 B. Financial Statements
 C. Approve the following Purchase Order:
  (1)  PO # 14-061 – HD Waterworks Supply - $ 1,859.00

A.   Police Review – Graven – Monthly report in packets
           (1)      Letter from Officer Hoy.       
 B.   Public Works Review – Superintendent Howard – Memo in packets
 C. Mayor/Administration Review
 D. Council Review
 E.       Emergency Preparedness Review
A. Budget Committee meeting and Public Hearing on State Revenue Sharing Possible Use, Tuesday, May 20, 2014, 6:30 pm, City Council Chambers, 155 E 1st Street
B. City County Dinner- Hosted by the City of Sheridan- Thursday April 17, 2014 at the new Monroe Event Center @ 6:30pm.
C. Vacancies: Planning Commission – 1 member
 Applications are available at City Hall.
D. Statement of Economic Interest, required by the Oregon Government Ethics Committee (OGEC) must be received or postmarked by April 15th.  You may return the form by fax to 503-373-1456 or by scanning and emailing them to  If you have any questions or need a duplicate form contact them at 503-378-5105.


***** Yamhill City Council meetings are accessible for disabled individuals.  The City will also endeavor to provide services for persons with impaired hearing or vision and other services, if requested, at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.  To obtain services, please call City Hall at (503)662-3511