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Public Works

The public works team performs a variety of functions including but not limited to the following, maintaining the water treatment and distribution system to ensure clean and safe water, maintaining the wastewater treatment and collection system to ensure the wastewater is handled properly, maintains the roads and storm drain system to ensure proper operation for the city, maintains all the city buildings and all other duties as needed to ensure the residents have a clean and safe town to call home and visitors have a joyful time while in our community.

Public Works is located at 450 S. Maple Street (mailing address PO Box 9) Yamhill, OR 97148

The direct line to Public Works is (503) 662-4344

Yamhill's Public Works Team

Richard Howard

Superintendant (since May 2003)


Benjamin Unger

Lead Operator

Bernie Malis

Utility Worker

Project Notes

New Wastewater Plant Headworks

The city is in the process of updating the headworks to the lagoon system. The old headworks which was installed when the lagoons were built has stopped working properly. In the effort to keep up with the requirements and allow the treatment to work as designed we needed to update the headworks. For those of you wandering what a headworks is, here is the short version. This piece of equipment removes all the undesirables from the waste stream before it gets to the treatment process. That is paper, rags, plastic, ect. This new headworks will last the city for 20 plus years and allow the lagoons to last as well. This project is financed from funds we have put away for upgrades to the wastewater system. Part of my daily routine is keeping track of the funds in the wastewater and water funds to allow these type of upgrades without needing to borrow money. I will continue to update as the project progresses.

New Turner Creek Water Intake

The City of Yamhill started pursuing a new intake structure in 2006. This was due to the hillside at the existing dam site sliding into the creek. After an investigation it was discovered that the hillside had been sliding for several years. This with the requirement of fish and wildlife to construct a new fish ladder started the process of the new intake. It took 4 years of planning to determine the best site and design for the city's long term needs. During that process we also discovered that a portion of the cities water rights were never finalize by the state and we had to finish that process. The estimated cost for the total project structure, permits, moving the point of diversion and finalizing the paperwork was $500,000 to $600,000. I was able to secure grants to cover 75% of those cost for a city portion of approximately $125,000 to $150,000. The new structure was completed in the spring of 2012 and is working very well. We anticipate removal of the old dam and fish ladder in the summer of 2013. This new structure will last the city for the next 20 plus years and allow for unobstructed fish passage up Turner Creek.

New Park Restrooms

The city is installing new restrooms in Beulah Park. We are anticipating having them ready by spring and the old ones removed. The process is taking some time as I am working with the money we have at this time. I will add more updated photos as we progress through the construction phases. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will try to answer them as quickly as possible.

Yamhill City Hall

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Yamhill OR 97148

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