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Mayor's Corner

Mayor's Corner April 2013

April 2013

It is only 5 days until Easter as I write this message.  I remember all the Easter Egg hunts in Beulah Park that I took my children to, and how sad it seemed the year they were too old to participate. I remember watching the swarm of children descend onto the field of hidden eggs, seeing that some, no matter what age group, always seemed to go straight for as many eggs as possible in the least amount of time possible, while others took their time, looking carefully and adding one treasure at a time to their basket.  It seemed nerve racking to watch the deliberate children, knowing they would not get as many eggs as their speedier peers, and wondering if they felt any unfairness in the chaos.  It always seemed to work out fine in the end with everyone going home happy.  That is the great lesson in Easter Egg hunts: as long as everyone can search at their own pace and there’s enough for everyone, it’s a great time for all.

Now, as to what’s going on around our lovely City: 

The new bathrooms at the park are on schedule to be done in June.  We will keep the old bathrooms through this winter just to make sure the new bathrooms are working as planned and then next spring, those will come down. 

Earlier this year, the City Council voted in new fees associated with city code violations.  We have also allocated time for a city employee to look for the worst code violations and send letters to the offending property owners.  It is the intent of your City Council to make Yamhill a more livable, safe environment for all who live and visit here.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please send me an e-mail at  I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, enjoy the sun when it is out and enjoy the rain as it waters the flowers.


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